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How much do you charge?

Our rates can be found under "Pricing" on our website.  Because our rates depend upon several factors including the number of musicians hired, the length of the performance time, the location  and other variables it is best to contact us directly so that we may best address the individual needs of our clients and their budget.


How can I check to see if TenCap Jazz is available for my function?

Simply contact us through our website/email or by phone with your chosen date and we will respond with our availability within 24 to 48 hours.

Where can I come hear you play?

Most of our engagements are for private functions, however TenCap Jazz does perform publicly from time to time  We perform at restaurants, nightclubs, parks concerts etc.  A list of our upcoming performances can be found on our main page or by contacting us directly. For 2016,TenCap Jazz will be performing for Charleston Harbor Tours and their "Jazz Brunch" on the Carolina Queen.  See Charleston Harbor Tours website for dates, times and pricing.  LINK

Can you play quietly enough so that people can have conversations?

Absolutely!  All of the members of TenCap Jazz are experienced musicians who sound good at any volume level.  We are proud of our ability to provide great music at a comfortable volume level, and we are happy to make any necessary changes as your event progresses.

Are you willing to learn specific songs that aren't on your songlist?

Absolutely!  We would be happy to learn a special song for you, provided that the song is in a style that works with a jazz combo.  Some styles of music don't translate well with a jazz band.  However, if we can't perform your special request, we are more than happy to play the original recording for you at some point during your event.

How do you dress for a performance?

We will dress according to the nature of the event.  If the performance is at a wedding or elegant corporate event, we wear formal attire.  For most other events, we wear suits and ties.  If your event is more casual, we are happy to dress accordingly.  We strive always to present ourselves looking our best.

Can you hold a date open for me?

Our policy is that the first client to sign a contract and send the deposit gets the date.  If you have a date in mind, and are inquiring into other bands/DJ's as well; we are happy to "hold" the date for you unless someone else is ready to commit to that date.  We will contact you and give you first option to secure that date with a signed contract and a deposit.  Our schedule can fill up very quickly, especially on weekends.  Our best advice is to book as early as possible to guarantee that you will have the entertainment you want at your event.

Does TenCap Jazz use a contract?

Yes, we use a contract for all performances.  A contract helps to iron out all necessary details prior to your event.  All you need to be concerned with on the day of your event is having a wonderful time.

What is the process for booking the band?

First, contact us via email or phone to discuss your event.  We will send you a contract spelling out the details that have been discussed and agreed to.  You sign the contract and return it to us with a 50% deposit.  The remainder of the fee is due to us on the date of your event.  You can arrange to pay us this remainder either at the beginning of the end of your event.

Do we have to make arrangements to feed the band?

Yes.  We do request that a light meal be provided for the band if there is food at the event.  If your event has a buffet, we can go through the line after your guests.  If your event is a formal sit-down plated dinner, it is not necessary that you pay extra to provide full dinners for the band.  We are happy with sandwiches and drinks.  Please make arrangements with your caterer in advance.

Do you require Payment In Full prior to the day of my event?

No.  Once we receive your deposit, no further monies are due until the day of the event.  If you prefer to pay the full amount in advance so you have one less thing to worry about, that's fine as well.

How do you handle overtime requests?

Our overtime rate is $300.00 for each additional hour or portion of an hour beyond the contracted time.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes.  We accept credit cards, cash, personal or corporate/business checks, and money orders.  All credit cards will be run through our parent organization "All About Charleston".

Do you require a stage?

We do not require a stage, but we do need a minimum of a 12' x 10' area to perform in.  (We may squeeze in a smaller space, but it is tight.)  We do require easy access to electrical outlets near the performance area.  If your event location does provide a stage, we are happy to use it.  If your event is outdoors, we prefer having a covered location.

Do we select the songs we want from the songlist?

Review our partial songlist, under "Demos" (under construction at this time - contact us directly) on our website..  It is not necessary that you choose every song that is to be played.  If you have some "must hear" selections, let us know and we will be sure to include them.  Likewise, if you have any "do not play under any circumstances" selections, let us know this as well.  We will avoid those songs.  We have years of experience, and have learned to "read" the audience and make appropriate selections during the performance.  We are happy to take requests from your guests as well. 

Do you provide MC duties?

Yes.  We can make any necessary announcements for you during your event.  We request that you provide a list of essential information prior to the event.  If your event is a wedding, please send us the names of the bridal party in advance if you want us to announce them.

What information do you need from me in advance of my event?

If there is a specific time-line itinerary for your event, it is helpful for us to have a copy.  We are very flexible with your needs however, and can adjust our set times to best suit your event.

How do I contact you with further questions?

You may reach us by e-mail at or  through our website or by phone at 843-469-4458.




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